Jun 292011


Good-day to you ,


I would like to discuss the possibility of your company /your person,partaking in an Government contract supply to Iraq.We are determined to purchase your products in large quantities, for use in all over our 18 Governorates (provinces) as the task of re-building Iraq covers every single sector and facet of our society.We will submit your products information to the contracting command and office of Iraq and the center for economic development. They will examine the propriety and necessity of your product and approve for bulk supply contracting relationship.


I am currently on the board of the contracting command and center for economic development,With my connections in the corridors of power, we are quite confident of securing approval. Also of note is the issue of different financial regulations between my country Iraq and your country.As such you will be paid 100% through the Iraqi ministry of Finance before you commence supplies.When you’ve received payment, we would be expecting a monthly supply; as the sum budgeted for product may be quite enormous as to outstrip your capacity and capability to supply. A consideration also is that your quotation must be CIF Port of Umm Qasr (or the Jordanian Port of Aqaba). I will reveal more procedural information to you upon your re-confirmation.Thank you and kindly respond via my email address: [email protected] .Thank you as we await your immediate response.


Yours Faithfully,


Dr.Turki Badeeb


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