Jun 052011


I am contacting you in this way because of the necessity and urgency of this transaction. I am a senior manager at a bank in China and a financial advisor and account manager is to a private investor who has a large deposit in my bank.

The transaction includes the transfer of the investment fund of $ 17.3million ($ 17,300,000) in order to remain in most court proceedings over the death of the client’s closest relatives.

I certify that the transaction is 100% risk free and legal to do, all underground work site for the smooth transfer of funds have as soon as possible, and was born in the city where the bank branch.

As soon as I reply to your interest, I send you full information about the successful completion of this transaction and the knowledge that their contribution is 50% and that I will be 50% of the Fund.

Please contact on my private e-mail address for questions and further explanations.

Jan Yiun
E-mail:[email protected]

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