Jun 152011

Dear Beloved,

My name is Mrs. Anna Dulce Estavan. I am 78 years old woman living in United Kingdom.
“Vanity of vanities, said the preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity.
(Ecclesiastes 1:2).” I am a dying woman who God has touched in a glorious way to
fulfill His blessing toward charity/less privilege.

Two (2) year ago I was diagnosed with cancer. I have asked God for forgiveness and I
believed He has because He is a merciful God. I will be going in for an operation on
Friday, which the Doctor has indirectly said is 50/50 chance of surviving. Beloved, I
got your contact from a business directory and picked you randomly for this project.

I decided to WILL/donate the sum of $9.8m USD (Nine Million Eight Hundred Thousand
Dollars) to you for the good work of God. At the moment I cannot take any telephone
calls right now reason to the fact that my relatives (That have squandered the funds I
gave them for this purpose before) are around me and health status also and I am
sending you this letter with the help of a lady nurse here.

My family lawyer is aware of the fact that I will adjust my WILL, I will advice you
contact him with the following details for WILL adjustment (Full Name, Telephone Number
and Country of Resident) and once received by him; he will notify me in the hospital to
signed the necessary column of the WILL. My Family Lawyer information is Mr. Martin
Beard email: [email protected] United Kingdom. He will instruct you on every step/
information needed to get this money. Mine while, keep this information for future use:

All I ask of you is to make sure that you use this money for the work of God to fulfill
His divine purpose and favor to humanity. It is clear that I don’t know you BUT God
known you more than I can ever do. For this cause I bow my knees, May the Lord bless
you abundantly as you fulfill this mystery toward charity and Humanitarian service.
Thus, you are to use 50% of the funds deposited ($9.8m USD) for this Humanitarian
Mission while the other 50% goes to you for your faithfulness toward God and mankind.

Lastly, I want you to pray for me regarding my health situation, because I have come to
find out that to everything there is a season; and a time to every purpose under the
heaven. (Ecclesiastes 3:1–8) May the Grace of our Lord, the love of God, and the sweet
fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you now and forever more, Amen.

Yours Faithfully

Mrs. Anna Dulce Estavan

Jun 082011







Good Day,

Please kindly accept my apology for sending  you this email without your consent. I believe you are a highly respected personality, considering the  fact that I sourced your email from the peoples search database on the web during my descret search for a foreign partner whom can assist me in taking this business to it success. Though, I do not know to what extent you are familiar with events.

I have a proposal for you.This however is not mandatory nor  will I in any manner compel you to honor against your will, but I hope you will read on and consider the value I offer.

My name is Mr. Jerry Ntai, I am the Head of Operations in Mevas Bank, Hong Kong. I have a business proposal in the tune of  US$25.2m  to be transferred to an offshore account with your assistace if willing.

After the successful transfer, we shall share in ratio of 30% for you and 70% for me. Should you be interested, please respond to my letter immediately, so we can commence all arrangements and I will give you more information on the project and how we would handle it.

You can contact me on my private email: ( email address: [email protected] ) and send me the following information for documentation purpose:

(1)Full name:

(2)private phone number:

(3)current residential address:


(5)Age and Sex:

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,

Mr. Jerry Ntai.


From Niam Cho, Mutual Trust.

Hang Seng Bank Ltd

Sai Wan Ho Branch

171 Shaukiwan Road

Hong Kong.



Good Day,

I am Mr. Niam Cho, Director of Operations of the Hang Seng Bank Ltd, Sai Wan HoBranch, Hong Kong.I have an obscured business suggestion for you.I am here-by seeking your service in helping me recieve a large amount of money and in giving a clear research and feasibility studies on areas I could invest on.

Your  services will be paid for, and you will be a partner, if your recommendation is accepted.


As a bank employee, I can not operate any personal investment till I am retired and with the Anti-corruption Bill passed  in Hong Kong; it is risky for a fixed income earner to own any huge amount of money in Hong Kong or any foreign country. It is then advisable to invest in any foreign land  secretly and patiently wait retirement.


For security purpose, due to telecom interception in Hong Kong, I shall not accept or acknowledge any phone call. Only fax messages/emails would be treated in relation to this proposal but not without this code;[CODE NO: AM-001].

Should you be further interested,  I would prefer you to reach me soon and finally after that I shall  provide you with more details of this operation.


Contact me through this email for further confidential corespondence: [email protected]


Warm Regards

Mr Niam Cho


Jun 022011
Солнечная водонагревательная система
Плоская панель (солнечный коллектор) + бак – накопитель

TERMAL- это:

  • Горячая вода круглый год без затрат на электроэнергию
  • 120-150 литров горячей воды в сутки, при Солнечной панели в 2 м2
  • Система – конструктор, с учётом всех особенностей помещения
  • Возможность объединения с уже существующей отопительной системой
  • Лучшее соотношение цена-качество среди подобных систем
  • Европейское качество и соответствие самым строгим экологическим требованиям


Подключись к солнцу!

+7 (495) 580-23-62


Jun 022011


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